house thinking

When I think about church, I see my house.

The church has 3 parts. The foyer, the living room and the kitchen. ( terms were conceptualized by Andy Stanley)

The foyer of the church is our Sunday Services. This is our main door. OUR GATE. If people want to check us out they go to Music Museum on a Sunday afternoon. They see a glimpse of who and what the church is. The foyer is designed to be attractional. We engage people in our FOYER.

The living room is our small groups that happen everyday of the week in homes, restaurants, coffee shops, our Victory center, in the campuses. We establish people who have been in our FOYER to our living room. Relationships happen in the living room.

The kitchen is our LEADERSHIP GROUP. Once you are invited to the kitchen then you are expected to be part of the action. You help the church serve the community. In the kitchen we give you the tools that you need to make disciples. In the KITCHEN, we equip you to become Christian disciples.

After your training in the kitchen, we then empower you to go and make disciples. Whether it is engaging people in the foyer or making your own foyer events to attract people to Christ.

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