Honor regained

It hurts me every time I hear people bad mouth and dishonor God’s work. Yesterday I heard that some pastors and Christians were speaking bad about the church I pastor. It hurts because the last person you expect to hear it from is from a fellow pastor who don’t have a clue how we run the church.

Dear pastors we have to restore HONOR back in church. If we have something negative we have to say to a certain church, pastor or ministry – personally talk to the pastor. If you can’t don’t bother talking behind the leader’s back.

At Victory, we honor men and women of God. We honor our pastors. We boast them behind their backs. We lift them up and not tear them down. if we have something we need to say – we say it as it is to them and not to people who are not involved.

The church I pastor is far from perfect. If you want to say something bad – it’s easy. Dishonoring is easy. Honoring is hard.

To all Victory Greenhills people: If at anytime you hear me berate and dishonor any pastor or ministry using the pulpit or gossipping about a certain church – I give you the license to go find another church – you dont deserve to have a pastor who has lost the art of honor.

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