Holiness by Grace and other books on sale


A book on how we can live a holy life by the grace of God. Instead of using grace as an excuse to sin as some preachers would teach, Bryan Chapell gives us a biblical view of how GRACE can TRANSFORM US.

Although his purpose is “to explain the role of grace in sanctification,” Chapell, president of Covenant Theological Seminary, not only explains fundamental theological concepts, but gives them passion and life through colorful, often poignant illustrations. Chapell argues very carefully that God’s grace is the necessary foundation and source for all spiritual growth in the Christian life. He thoughtfully explores the deeply rooted human tendency to turn away from grace, seeking favor and blessing through our own efforts. But he also deals with tougher issues asking, for example, “Can the preaching of grace become an excuse for lawlessness?” He honestly confronts how church leaders are tempted to de-emphasize God’s grace in order to prevent chaos. Chapell gives new meaning to the idea of repentance, offers practical and helpful teaching on temptation, shows the often-overlooked role of grace in spiritual warfare, explains the positive role of suffering and paints an inspiring picture of God’s love and mercy. Questions at the end of the book will be helpful for group study. Grace is currently a “hot” topic for Christian books and presentations, but Chapell’s treatment brings a new depth to the subject, not only in his careful, thorough reasoning but also in his comprehensive use of biblical texts. This depth may prove daunting to some readers, but mature Christians will likely consider Chapell’s book a key component of their spiritual journey. Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information, Inc.

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Another book on sale is from one of my new favorite author Darrin Patrick who wrote Church Planter. He is out with a new book For the City: Proclaiming and Living Out the Gospel (Exponential Series). This book will guide you in developing a philosophy of ministry that can lead to restoration and renewal in your city. Matt Carter and Darrin Patrick explain the biblical, theological, and historical foundations of ministry within the urban core, and how to plant churches where the gospel is not only faithfully preached and shared but also brings substantial benefits to those living in the community. For the City relates the wisdom gleaned from years of serving their cities for the sake of God’s kingdom. Carter and Patrick practically equip church leaders and Christians to look at their city as a mission field where individuals and churches can faithfully proclaim the gospel and live out the reality of a community changed and transformed by its message. I am excited to read this two books!!!

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