hiring 10!

Every time a church grows it means that there is a greater need to motivate and inspire people to volunteer. It is also a season where we are in a lookout of people who would consider working for the church.

One of the things I have learned about hiring is this:

never hire a good guy.

Always get a GREAT guy to do the job. Don’t settle for mediocre people. How do we measure it?

1. Is the person a faithful and reliable volunteer in church?
2. Is the person fruitful in his/her ministry?
3. Does he/ she show excellent leadership skills?
4. Is he/she competent for the job?
5. Does he/she have the character of Christ?
6. Can he/she work well with the team?
7. Does he/she live the culture we are trying to create?

If you want a level 5 result – hire people with a level 5 skill set.
If you want a level 10 result – hire 10’s.

Pray for me as I talk to some key 10’s and ask them to join our team.


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