Heart of a Volunteer

– Had our first meeting de avance last night. We had around 80 people who showed up for our orientation. As of the last count, around 100 to 120 volunteers are joining us! What a way to start a church!
– A humongous traffic jam met us because our meeting coincided with sister BEYONCE’S worship concert. Glad our volunteers chose to show up for the meeting.
– Looking at our volunteers last night – I was glad to see a mix of youth, singles, married and senior citizens. Greenhills is a very diverse community. Very happy with the mix of volunteers.
– Speaking of volunteers, as a church planter what kind of volunteers must we look for?

DEDICATED. We have some of the most dedicated volunteers. Larry Uy, from our VCF Alabang, decided to join our Greenhills church so that he could invite his family and friends to church. Prior to joining us, Larry would drive from Malabon (his house to Alabang) that’s an hour and a half drive just to go to church. Good thing Larry and Margaret has moved to San Juan.

PASSIONATE. The world needs passionate people. For too long, the church has been very passive and silent. The world has overtaken our place in influencing society. Church should make the loudest noise. In order to that, we need passionate people. Passionate people produces passionate worship, passionate service, passionate lifestyle of evangelism.

FOCUS. Our message during the meeting was simple. Our church exist to honor God and make disciples. We had a grand time memorizing our vision, mission and purpose statement. “HONOR GOD AND MAKE DISCIPLES” ( its quite long to memorize eh)

To all our volunteers thank you very much. I am excited to plant this church with all of you!

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