hear both sides

If somebody comes to you and accuses a fellow brother or sister in church what do you do?
If somebody comes to you and accuses your pastor of something what do you do?

Somebody approached me today and brought some concerns with one of our church members. It was a heavy accusation. So how should I respond?

If it is a hearsay (i heard somebody said it and my friend said it to me), then I don’t waste my time entertaining the accusation.

If it is a first hand experience of the one accusing, I tell the person I want to hear both sides of the story. Would it be possible that we meet the accused face to face and say your concern. if the answer is no then I don’t pursue it because it means the person accusing does not have the guts to confront the accused.

If the answer is yes let’s face the one I am accusing, then I met them in a neutral environment and hear both sides.

I think that is how you should handle accusations

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