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Have you met Gaby Poliquit? Chances are you have not, because this feisty little seven-year-old girl doesn’t tower over the rest of us physically, being, after all, seven years old. However, in terms of expressing her heart for God in devoted service, this homeschooler readily stands ten feet tall.

Gaby is the daughter of Victory Greenhills’ Technical Support Ministry volunteers Dennis and Monica Poliquit. Dennis, who is more popularly known as Magic 89.9’s Big Daddy Jake, is a Wednesday stage manager and Victory group leader to many of Wednesday’s tech volunteers; Monica, a full-time mom who home-schools Gaby and two – not one, but two – sets of twins, often handles the Keynote (Powerpoint) presentations while her husband stands guard over the worship service’s stage setup.

And little seven-year-old Gaby? She mans the headsets that helps her father communicate with her mother. As Stage Manager 3 – an informal title reserved especially for the little girl – she stands by, ready to take orders from either of her parents to communicate with volunteers at the lobby, or musicians backstage, or simply fetch an item or two immediately needed by a pastor or church member. She’ll inform the musicians when they have to go onstage; she’ll also knock on a backstage door in case the preaching pastor finishes early and the musician assigned to play background music is unaware that he needs to start playing.

All these, little Gaby accomplishes with a shy but ready smile. Watch her while she mans a headset while nibbling on a chocolate bar, or observe her lift a hand in worship while her mother follows the worship team on the church’s Macbook Pro. This little girl lives and breathes her joy for God, all the while never losing her innocent “little-girl” appeal. To a seasoned volunteer, it warms the heart; to a Christian father, it brings tears to his eyes.

On Wednesdays when the Poliquits are on duty, together with other serving families, like husband-wife team Bleau and Moppet Aquino (he takes photos; she heads the usher team) or Jaret and Sheryl Garcia (he stage manages; she mans Keynote), or Jason and Lysa San Agustin (he stage manages; she heads the ushers team); or Jun and Sally Gomez (she leads worship; he plays keyboards for his rocker missus),  the Music Museum comes alive with the joy of familial trust. Husbands trust wives; parents trust children; everyone trusts God to get them through a worship service that positively teems with the love that comes with serving God in a volunteer capacity. When families serve God together, it unites them in a bond that is not easily broken.

When I look at little Gaby – who turns the ripe old age of 8 in July – I know in my heart that the next generation will be fine. When families raise the their children to honor God in their homes, in their schools, at their workplaces, and in their hearts, how can we doubt that God will deliver a certain and sure future of the next generation?

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.” 1 Tim 4:12

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