I am privileged to be working with some of the greatest staff in the world. GREAT but not PERFECT!

The past 7 months has been a learning journey (Arnel Pineda) for us.

– We have made some of the dumbest mistakes and live to tell about it!
– we have by the grace of God keep the church from going in disarray
– we have gone through some stressful, intense moments in church planting
– we’ve been through some sleepless nights trying to beat the deadline so we can serve the church better
– we’ve managed and mismanaged some volunteers in our church
– we’ve counselled patiently and impatiently some people in church
– we’ve change roles and jobs for the nth time (sorry Bojo)
– we’ve seen some leaders come and some leaders go ( they left with a smile mind you)
– we’ve gain some key people and lost some key people

but it excites me to go to office everyday and working with the people I prayed would be part of the team. It excited me to build a church with some of the most dedicated volunteers and leaders that the world can offer.

Will we continue to make mistakes and dumb decisions? YES, I guarantee but will minimize it as we grow along the way. I have seen major PROGRESSION from the team. This is what we are after – not perfection but progression.

VICTORY GREENHILLS STAFF, PASTORS, LEADERS let’s grow together and do what needs to be done: HONOR GOD AND MAKE DISCIPLES

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