Great Sunday Service

– had our 1st service for 2008 and it was awesome.
– we finally reach and broke the 500 mark. It was our largest attendance ever!
– a lot of the members invited their friends and relatives to join us.
– met a lot of first timers yesterday which was very cool. We need more lost people coming to church.
– the worship team did an awesome job again. I’m not a guy who loves to exaggerate but i think our worship team is the best. The energy and the passion is so contagious.
– our music was loud and that’s how we want it to be!
– funny I met two old lady who visited us yesterday. They came from a conservative evanglical hymn singing church. They asked for prayer and one of them told me that they are going to invite some people to church. They must have loved the loud music! Lola rocks!!!!!
– I saw quite a number of foreigners in church yesterday – hope they understood some of the Tagalog that was said yesterday. One of them approached me during the service and started to discuss how God is in every person and that all of us are sons of God. Told him to attend the rest of the series which he said he would!
– Mr Delfin and Edna’s testimony flooded the church. Everybody left the church crying. Delfin was a millionaire by 30, bankrupt and married by 32, on medication and depression till 50. It was only 5 years ago that he met God ans was totally transformed. Mr Delfin is the most lovable, cheerful person you’ll ever meet.
– Kids church had a record 25 kids at MC Donalds. Desmond and the team you are doing a grrrreat job!
– There were some celebrities in church as well. One of them committed to attend and serve in church yesterday! Yeah! Rina Marquez – the extraordinaire stage actress wowed everyone with a skit to start of the series. I am excited to see next week’s surprise.

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