Great Series, Great service

– Sunday service was awesome. More people are coming to church- we might be doing some things right.
– Jose V – of our Fort church led worship and it was heavenly. I don’t know about you but there is something that goes ARRRGH I love it! when men lead worship. I have nothing against female worship leaders I am just thankful that there is still a tribe of MEN out there really LEADING!
– I do have an awesome team. Pastor Bojo was overwhelmed Sunday because of the number of young people who gave their lives to Jesus. We had around 20 people who received Christ last Sunday. Pastor Chinkee and Pastor Lee – these guys are just awesome. This week my wife might give birth and I am so confident that the church is in good hands with Pastor Chinkee, Lee and Bojo.
– I love our series SYNC! Word was strong. I repented as well. The Gospel is so powerful and it can literally touch and change lives.
– Met with some first timers and people who responded to the message after the service. It’s great to see new people in church every week.
– Pray for my wife and the new baby. Hopefully she gives birth this week or Monday.
– Pray for me – I have a bad case of cough. I have no voice.
– Tomorrow is our leadership group meeting and excited to share the word on how we could be sure if we are winning as a church. Hopefully my voice comes back tomorrow.

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