Going into details

– I am not an administrator! I don’t like administrative stuff BUT I have to know it and practice it. Going into details is not my cup of tea but just like the unsweetened lipton tea, I have to drink it and get involved.
– this morning I received a call from our Main Adminstrative/ pastor/ operations head/ teacher/ whatever job needs to be done will be done man, Robert Hern. We sat down and he went into details of the things needed to be done before we start our first service.
– here are some of the things every church planter must check before starting the service:

a. check your technical stuff – your lighting, your sound system, your lcd projector, stage design, worship practices in the venue and thousands more.
b. program – an overview of the whole Sunday program. Who’s in charge and what will happen. Notify everyone involved and set a meeting. ( this one I was able to do)
c. buy the stuff needed. I am renting out music museum which means I don;t have to buy a lot of stuffs except for LCD projector, lapel mic, 60 inch plasma TV (for my house).
d. rent/buy things needed for your kids church – tables, chairs, crayons, papers and kids church stuff……..
e. study the place thoroughly. imagine the things that will happen for that day, the traffic of the people, what security do you need, best place to have ushers stationed, feel the place.
f. get help from people who has the experience and the expertise.

ok got to go and make sure the details are not just written but executed well.

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