going back to roots


For the past weeks that Thammie is visiting her roots in Cagayan de Oro I decided to stay with my parents and sibling in our house in Makati, the place where I grew up. For the past 2 weeks, my little bro Charles is once again my roommate. Memories of the old house sparks a greater appreciation of how my parents have raised us all up and built a home. I want to honor and appreciate all my siblings and parents. Couple of things I’ve learned while staying in Makati.

1. You never pick your family – God gives it to you. Let’s face it, no family is perfect. I think we will never outgrow the fun and the heated arguments when we go back to our roots. Time does not really change a person, only Jesus can do that, time just reveals who we are. I love my family – the good and the flaws that each of us possess. I think that is what makes the SY family unique.

2. the love of parents – i might not wrestle with dad anymore and mommy might not carry me in her arms already since I am much bigger but the love they show to us will never change. I appreciate how my dad this week gave me the biggest surprise of my life – ( can’t reveal the surprise though) and told me how much he loves me and my family and that he wants us all to be successful. Dad, I love you very much.

3. Order of birth – I think once we grow up, the order of birth is not as highly important as before. Now we have our own families and responsibilities. Everybody has their own minds. It’s not KUYA dictating to the helpless siblings – it is each and everyone contributing to the success, happiness and craziness of the family. This past week I realized that my little bro/ roommate kept on commanding me to do this and that and I didnt even notice that he was way younger than me. I tried to pull the I AM OLDER THAN YOU card but he is WAY TOO BIGGER THAN ME so at times I succumb to his request. I think the love and respect is always there and siblings need to serve and love each other.

4. Loving the success of others. This might be the greatest revelation I have this week – learning to love the success of your siblings. Two weeks ago I spent time with my sister Arlene and I visited her store at Glorietta 5 and was amazed at how she handles her business, I have been hanging out also with my little sister Christine and her ” more than friends, less than lover” Raymond and am really quite happy with how things are going for her. I also am so proud of my little bro Charles for finding his niche in business that would make him extremely handsome since he can now pay for his weight loss plan. Seriously I love how my brothers and sisters are achieving success and not forgetting that it is God who has given them the ability to produce wealth.

5. Leave and Cleave – but no matter how happy I am with my stay in my former house, nothing beats being with my wife and kids. As much as I love the free food, electricity and aircon ( without thinking about Meralco), I still cannot stay long. I have had sleepless nights in my former room because I know it is no longer my room or my bed. God has designed married people to leave and cleave to their spouse.

Thank you again to my parents and my siblings who are still staying in Makati. I love you.

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