God was in Church!

– Yesterday was one of the best services ever! We had a record attendance of people attend our services. I don’t know where the people came from. It was awesome.
– My salute and appreciation to all our volunteers who really ARE stepping up a notch higher. Melvin T – our worship leader is getting the groove baby! Worship was fantastic
Our creative team – Sheryn, Joaqui Tupaz – the funniest monologue so far!
Our ushers – the feedback we are getting is that you are the craziest friendly people in San Juan.
Our tech team – Ernel and the gang – your servant’s heart is over the top! Sunday worship won’t be the same without you guys!
Kids Church – we had a record high of 60 kids joining us for worship.
Click here to see the action behind the scenes

We are just amazed at how many people were in church yesterday. We had around 20 to 30 people who received the Lord. Rica’s testimony was just the perfect fit for the message.
– I felt like we are entering a season of harvest. Prayed for a number of people who received the Lord for the first time. Nothing like seeing people giving their lives to Jesus.
– We are working on something big for this coming Sunday and can’t wait for it.
– My sister invited a bunch of people and after church they were saying “I want to be a Christian, I love church”. Those statements are WOW CRAZY! Yeah!