GI JOE and the Real American Heroes


Gi Joe is coming soon and really excited about it. I grew up watching GI JOE. I had around 60 plus GI JOE action figures when I was young. (I don’t know where they are now and I really regret losing them because I could be a millionaire by now selling them in Greenhills or EBAY. gijoe

My favorite GI JOE was Roadblock, Sgt Slaughter and the Renegades, Outback, Snake Eyes. I remember still playing GI JOE imagining that we were saving the world from the ruthless COBRA.

I did outgrew my GI JOE toys and met some real American heroes who are literally saving the world one nation at a time. I am talking about the founding spiritual father or my church, Victory – Pastor Steve Murrell and Pastor Rice Broocks.


A bunch of college students came in 1984 to spread the gospel. From a 100 student in tandem cinema basement in Recto is now a church with 39 branches with 50,000 members.

What made it all possible? 50,000 people in 25 years?

Wait for my next blog….

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