– Sunday is going to be different. One thing that we have embraced as pastors is change. If there is one thing that is constant it is change!
– Last Wednesday’s leadership meeting, we discussed with our leaders about change and how we should always look for ways to change and improve what we are doing.
– we are currently maxed out with our children’s church ministry. Our facility could only handle 30 kids but we have around 40 kids age 3-6 at our lobby.
– our kids church are also maxed out with 33 kids attending already every Sunday. Our room could only accomodate 40 kids.
– Last Sunday we had a total of 70 kids join us. Our kids ministry volunteers has approached us already and telling us we have a GOOD problem but nonetheless a problem.
– Not only are we being swarmed with kids but we are in need od more volunteers to help us. With the influx of kids in our church, we need more people to help us make sure the kids have a worship experience every Sunday
– This Sunday is our 1st ever draft day – a day to call forth people to volunteer in our church ministries. From Ushering, worship, technical, kids, children, hospitality – we want every member of our church to be ministers.
– we all have a part to play if we want the church to win. The difference between basketball and church is that we don’t have room for bench warmers. WE HAVE TO GET IN THE GAME!
– Pastor Lee is cooking up a powerful preaching for this Sunday. Pastor Lee is a former olympian swimmer who made our country proud. His experience in sports opened a lot of doors for our church to reach out to athletes. I am excited for Sunday.
– we are also calling all our church members to come to church early because we have something in store for you!