Free Day


Last Saturday was one of those rare days where you pray it would never end or what Gary V would sing, “Sana Maulit Muli”.

Started off the day with a free lunch/merienda at Crazy Garlik in Greenbelt since we got a free P1000 Gift certificate. We ordered the Garlic Snowflake Pizza, Honey Fried Chicken and Calamari – which I recommend for everyone to try. Thank you Krazy Garlik for the Gift Certificate.

After Krazy Garlik, we were treated to watch Repretory Philippines’ Sleeping Beauty. Alyanna and Mika loved it so much. We were able to seat in the front row and we Alyanna was able to take pictures with the stars of the play. Thank you Ms. Nelle Ricardo for the tickets.

Then Thammie and I went to Music Museum to watch Gary V’s Soul in Motion concert. It has been a dream of mine to watch Gary in a more intimate setting and we got the surprise of our lives when Me-Anne Plata- one of the most talented dancer in the country who goes to our church texted us that she has some free tickets to the concert. 2 1/2 hours of pure energy was enough to make my day but God was not yet finished.

We then went home and opened a belated gift package. I thought it was some shirt or jeans but was dumbfounded that somebody in his right mind gave me an IPAD!!!!!!!!! Thammie and I were jumping up and down since we have been praying for one and can’t really afford to have one.

Ended the night receiving another text from our friend Carlo and Mich Ople offering to give us a protective case for our new IPAD. God is indeed amazing. Thank you Lord.

PS: Thank you to the 2 Susans who gave me the most delicious bday cakes. Pinapataba niyo ako pero ok lang, Thammie ate most of the cake.