For the past year I tried to start at least 5 websites but have managed to maintain only one. I started with my cluelesschurch site a t blogspot and started my second one – the clueless money man, then my 3rd clueless fitness, then my 4th and tried to start a 5th one 4 weeks ago the clueless daddy and here is what I found out.

If you are not a fulltime blogger – forget about multiple sites. I tried doing it thinking it would work but it won’t. Why? because being defocus doesn’t work. One way or the other a site would suffer and people won’t have a recall when they hear your name.

Who is Dennis Sy? If you are not focus people will give you lots of answer and so you become a wandering generality. But if you are focus – you become a meaningful specific.

This reminds me why I started this site. is a site for church planters and church leaders. I blog about stuff a pastor goes through. His struggles, challenges, leadership hurdles, church adventures, his family.

In light of this I am not continuing my clueless daddy site and the other sites but would focus on this one!


PS: Currently reading the book Focus by Al Ries and it really makes a lot of sense to apply focus in everything you do. I can’t be everything. I have to focus on my one thing. You could click on the title if you want to buy the book.

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