Finding your preaching voice and fulfilling your ministry

You can’t be someone you are not. As much as I listen to Steven Furtick, Steve Murrell, Mark Driscoll, John Piper and Jeff Eliscupidez – I can’t be them. The seasons when I try to be them especially in their preaching style, I move out of the grace and the calling of what God has called me.Believe me, I’ve tried to be some other preacher. It just won’t work and the reason why is because God did not create and gifted me to be like them.

I have my own unique voice and preaching style. I tried to be John Piperish and all I did was alienated the people who listened to my preaching.

I tried to be Mark Driscoll and all I did was offend people.

I tried to be Pastor Steve Murrell and ended up struggling in my message.

Be you. Dig in the word and internalize the message God has given you. Don’t be a copycat.