Find your Niche

How do we become more effective pastors and church planters? One of the things we dealt with early on in our church planting was : WHO ARE WE TARGETING?

As much as I want all people to be in our church it just won’t happen. Several examples to prove this point:

1. I have friends who hate loud music and prefer hymnals and soft songs if there is such a thing.
2. I have friends who want to go to a traditional church building not a MUSIC MUSEUM.
3. I know people who would rather listen to an older preacher. There is nothing I can do about that!
4. Some people don’t like pastors who preach in jeans and short sleeves.
5. Some people like preachings that deal with the last days.
6. Some people like old churches.
7. Some people like small churches.

All of these are valid reasons. That is why I love Christianity. God is into diversity. That is why we have churches that reach out to inmates, to the business community, to the squatters area, to the Chinese, to the rich, to the poor, to the campus and etc. We have different churches and different styles but ONE GOD.

To answer the question: What’s our niche as a church?

1. People who don’t go to church.
2. People who have problems.
3. People who don’t go to other Bible believing churches.
4. The YOUNG – 10-40. That’s our 10/40 window. We have a lot of older people in church who are sold out with the vision of reaching the next generation. (I’ll blog on this in the future)
The students – Greenhills is surrounded by schools.
The singles – the party people.
The young couples – soon to be married, newly married.
The young enterpreneurs – the next billionaires, tycoons and taipans.