Fear of Being Embarassed


The last fear according to Pat Lencioni’s book Getting Naked that I have tried to tweak to help pastors and church planters in building a healthy church is the fear that pastors face of being embarassed.

When we understand that we don’t have all the answer and we dont know everything, it helps us to face our fear. Removing the fear would mean being able to give open and honest insights, not holding back in staff meetings, being gently and brutally frank on counselling and teachable moments. It means not minding to save face if our ideas and opinions are not right.

How do we overcome the fear of being embarassed:

1. Ask dumb questions.

Ask questions for clarity. Don’t pretend you know. Ask. Jesus said ask and it will be given to you.

2. Do things no other churches are doing.

Be willing to take risk even if it ends in failure. If we choose to be the same church as everybody else – then what is the point. Some churches might not understand what you are doing but youve got to do what you’ve got to do.

3. Create a culture where mistakes are celebrated.

Laugh at your mistakes. Learn from your mistakes. Dont be too hard on yourself or your team. Be vulnerable. Bible says we are changed from glory to glory.