Farmville Leadership


FARMVILLE – it’s either you hate it (because friends would tag you endlessly asking for more crops) or be addicted to it because you can’t let your virtual farm suffer. I did try farmville for 3 days and did find it very addicting so I erased my farmville application and pursued my pastoral duties. Anyways farmville reminded me of a leadership article by Pastor Kent Julian on how we lead. For all my farmville friends I am sure you would be able to relate.farmville-main_Full-1


HERDERS tend to

  • try to build relationships with everyone
  • think ministry will implode on them
  • requires all decisions to run through them
  • says it is easier to do things myself rather than to equip someone else do it
  • have few volunteers
  • have a need to be needed
  • live in the hectic present and tend to miss future trends
  • miss the big picture of body life because they are so focused on individual relationships
  • do almost everything themselves.

Meanwhile RANCHERS tend to

  • strive to care for the flock as a whole, not just for lone sheep
  • realize ministry will implode unless they equip and release other leaders
  • take a team approach to decision making and empower dependable, proven leaders to make key decisions without them
  • say “It is much more strategic and biblical to equip other to do the work of the ministry than try to do everyhting myself
  • continually grow their volunteer team – matching responsibilities with appropriate gifted people
  • have a desire to see people become mature in their faith
  • invest well in the moment while leading with the future in mind
  • know their role on the team
  • do few things and do them well
  • rejoice when others succeed without them

Taken from Group Magazine p36, Kent Julian’s herding vs ranching

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