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Last Sunday I was privileged to have 3 unforgettable meals. It wasn’t the restaurant but the company.


I had breakfast with my wife, Alyanna and Mika – my 3 beautiful girls. I am so blessed to have such wonderful girls in my life. I really treasure our breakfast together. Our daughters are learning new tricks ever day. Mika is so beautiful and can easily pick up words and our actions as well.


I had lunch with the next generation leaders and church planters of our movement. Pastor LA, Ryan Tan and King Reyes. We had a great time talking about leadership style, preaching styles, leadership challenges and future plans. Can’t wait to see God do great and mighty things for all of us.


I never imagined having dinner with one of the most famous man in the Philippines, Mr. Jun Lozada whistleblower of the ZTE scandal. I saw him in church and had a chance to talk and pray for him. Pastor Chinkee then invited me to have dinner with Jun. Our conversation Sunday night would forever change the way I see this nation. There is now a greater passion to really serve and love this nation. Jun was pure passion as he shared to us his heart and his hardships. Most of the time he was teary eyed explaining our country’s situation. A man who was once trapped by the corrupt system of the nation is slowly seeing the hand of God move in this nation. We did convince Jun Lozada to blog (haha). So watch out for his facebook and his website. With all the things we talked about that night there is no better way to spread his passion and compassion for this nation but through the blogsphere.

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