G12, PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE, CELL CHURCH, REVIVAL MEETINGS, GET GROWTH-QUICK SCHEME. So many latest techniques to church growth but are we really growing?

Jesus gave the pattern of winning the world to the church. It is clearly written in the Bible and a lot of church planters missed it.

Jesus had 3 years to do ministry in the world. He had to think of the most effective way to reach the world. It challenges me to think and act like Jesus. As a pastor, If I am given 3 years to make an impact in the city where God has planted me and produce a world wide impact, what would I do?

I hope this series of blogs would help every church planter and pastor see the BIG VISION God has for His church. Our church in Greenhills is a work in progress but if we follow the pattern of Jesus we would surely see RESULTS happen.

TOMORROW I start a series of church growth blogs