Every Nation Hong Kong

It is now my 5th day here in Hong Kong and terribly missing my family. Can’t wait to see them tonight. After 4 days here are some observations and thoughts I have of the church, church planting and leadership

1. Church plant seasons

In newer church plants – you almost do everything – set up, carry, ingress, sound system, counselling, preaching, lead worship. I really admire the dedication of our Pastor Sam and some of the key leaders. I experience firsthand how to carry heavy stuff and walk for 10 minutes since our church has no storage and most of our stuff are owned not by the church.

In Manila – I just go to church and everything is set in place. I dont think about the sounds, the lights, the stage, the projector, the mics. I just want to sincerely thank our volunteers and our janitorial services.

2. You don’t need technology to have IT.

I preached at Tung Chung last night with around 40++ people. The place was decent. Our stuff was minimal but I can truly say that the Spirit was there. The church had IT – I don’t know what IT is but IT was there. Fantastic worship, fantastic people and fellowship. Can’t wait to see this church grow to thousands.

3. The power of tribes

Build a program and it would eventually die or grow old but create a tribe and it becomes stronger. I am still convinced that discipleship in the context of small groups is still the best way to make a church healthy (sizewise and spiritual matuirty/growth)

Authentic relationships is a magnet. It attracts people to open up and share their lives. Our leaders were up till 130am last night just hanging out and sharing what God has done in our lives. It is a blessing to add more friends who loves Jesus and is passionate to see the church of Christ grow. Bottomline: discipleship.

To our church in Hong Kong – thank you for your kindness, love and friendship.

To Jay – for sharing your crib

To Kiko and Corrine – for the love, companionship and letting us stay in your house for a night.

To Pastor Sam, Esther Ben and Abri – thanks for the love. You guys are doing a great job.

pics to come this week