Entry 8: Church in the Mall

Victory Christian Fellowship has been known for its 3M in church planting. The 3m’s are movies, MALLS and ministry.

Aside from our Green Hills church plant, we are also thinking of planting churches in 20 locations all over Metro Manila in the next 3 years, which means there would be a wave of clueless church planters being sent out to advance God’s kingdom.

Yesterday, we visited some of the premier malls in Makati to look for a place for our youth service and future church plant. As we scouted the sale, i mean the mall, our minds were already imagining what kind of church this would be.

Our first stop was Greenbelt – stepping into Greenbelt gives you the feeling that you are not in Manila. Expensive clothes, jeans, toys, shoes, coffee, desserts and everything under the Greenbelt roof expensive stuff – makes shopping a lot faster and easier because you end up not buying anything. (Good thing I am planting a church at Greenhills! check out why?)

Second stop was Glorietta. It was right across Greenbelt but way cheaper. We were welcomed by the sight of Mc Donalds, Jollibee, Ling Nam, Ilonggo Grill – restaurants where common people eat….. Our friend, Franz, who works for the mall showed us a humongous space that would be a potential Victory Church inside the mall.

Why church inside the mall?
1. There are a lot of people in the mall.
2. Good place to do small groups.
3. Easy to invite people to church on any day of the week.
4. Parking convenience
5. It is where the lost can be easily found.
6. Eating out after worship services
7. Movies after a long day of doing church
8. Young people’s hangout place
9. Old people’s hangout place
10. Convenient for people who are using the public transportation

Please pray for GreenHills – we are planting a church in the mall as well, we are currently looking for a place for our kids church.