Entry 5: What Will Happen to the Youth Ministry?

My passion has always been youth ministry! By far, they are the most exciting people I have worked with. I have been a youth worker for almost 12 years and I am currently handling a bunch of creative, crazy, passionate young people at VCF -Fort Bonifacio. and Victory Youth Live at Market Market

Parents have approached me and have asked – who will handle the youth ministry? Good question………

One of the concerns we had was how to make the transition so smooth that the youth leaders won’t feel that there was a big vacuum left in leadership. We have gone through hundreds of hours thinking, planning and praying to answer the BIG question: WHO’S NEXT?

As a church planter, I cannot neglect the work that the youth pastoral team have done in the past 2 1/2 years at the Fort. We have come a long way and I know that God is about to do something even greater and bigger through the leadership of the next youth pastor.

I will be in transition in the next 6 to 8 months, passing the baton to the next youth pastor and I would do everything in God’s grace to make the transition ASAP (as smooth as possible)

OK, youth service will start in about an hour…. till tomorrow