Entry 4: Church Planting for Dummies

One thing that I am blessed of is the fact that I am surrounded with seasoned and successful church planters. I have been reading books on church planting but nothing compares to having someone impart to you valuable lessons they have learned as church planters. For all the dummies and clueless church planters here is a list of people/functions you need to have and the part they are going to play in planting the Green Hills church:

The architect
– I have the privilege of working with Robert and Maileen, who do all the inspection and scouting of Greenhills to see what place would fit the kind of church I want to build. When we scouted the place, Robert and Maileen were getting into details of what are needed – from the roofing, to the storage room, to the sq meters and the lighting- and other things they don’t teach church planters in Bible School.

The brain
– Starting my own family, I always went back to my parents and asked them how they became so successful in their marriage. No doubt, they give you wisdom way beyond your years and comprehension. Same with church planting, I needed consultations and wisdom from pastors who have been there and are still in there and are doing a great job at it. I thank God for Pastor Joey and Marie, Pastor Steve and Deborah, and Pastor Ferdie and Judy. Expect more calls from me in the coming days.

The emerging – One of the biggest help in ministry is having friends around you encouraging you and challenging you to be the best. I have worked with some of the best people in ministry. I am privileged to have worked with EMERGING leaders of the church. Movers and shakers of the church in the next 20 years and beyond. LA and Macy and Paolo and Jen – grabe kayo!!!!