Entry 3: When God closes the Window…..

A lot of people have approached me and have asked to be enlisted in our church plant in Green Hills. The team is almost complete – volunteers for youth ministry, kids ministry, children’s church, ushers, worship team, small group leaders and “whatever needs to be done” ministry.

We have already found the perfect place for our worship services – the “Music Museum” – state of the art sound system, great seats, complete lighting, good stage room for creative arts and ministry. Perfect! God has opened the door for us!

Next, a place for our children and kids. KIDS ministry will always be very important. I would not dare plant a church without any kids church facility. I can’t imagine a church without a kids church. Ask my good friend, Paolo Punzalan, who heads up the largest KIDS ministry in the Philippines and he will agree with me.

We found the perfect place, a 1 minute walk to Music Museum, – a 450 sq meter place that could house our office, kids church and children’s church. When I entered the place – it was as if the Spirit of God was saying “THIS IS IT!”


I found out yesterday that the place can’t be rented anymore because someone had rented it ahead of us. BAD TRIP! so i concluded it was not the Holy Spirit saying “This is it!”, it was just me and my emotions.


Here is a lesson the Holy Spirit told me, “When God closes the window, He opens a door.” Can’t wait to see that door.

(Yes i know it should be God closes a door, He opens a window)