entry 22: prayer walk

– we just finished our prayer walk at greenhills. I got there 30 minutes ahead of time to prepare myself for the walk. What did i do to prepare myself? Get a Egg McMuffin from Mcdonalds.
– we had 20 people join us for the prayerwalk. we paired and divided the routes we would take. Before the walk, Ms. Mary briefed us on how to pray.
– prayerwalking is praying in site for insight.
here are some inisights we got:

1. Greenhills is a very diverse community. We have Muslims, Chinese, Indians, Catholics, Koreans and Spaniards in one place. This not counting the official shoppers of Greenhills.

2. We prayed for the business owners and sales people in the shopping center as well. Greenhills is a very rich community since it is centered on commerce. We are in faith that our church would be an abundant church – spiritually and financially.

3. Greenhills would be a healthy church. As we were prayerwalking, we encountered hundreds of people exercising and training. This is how the church should look like – training to be godly and very healthy in loving God and loving others. I think I got convicted also by God to be more healthy. More on that soon……

4. Club Filipino is near our worship place. It is where political parties hold their press conferences and meetings. We believe Greenhills would attract movers and shakers of the nation.

5. It would be a church for the hurting as well. If there is one thing constant in the world today its hurt people.

We had tons of insights after the prayer meeting. Can’t blog all of them, some are very sensitive.

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