entry 21; the reality is sinking in…..

If negotiations push thru as scheduled in less than a month’s time, we are starting the VCF Greenhills church. Here are some of the updates and insights for the week

– tomorrow we would have a prayer walk at Greenhills shopping center where Music museum is located. If you are interested to join – just show up at Krispy Kreme and Mc Do Shopsville at 7am with your rubber shoes and walking gear.

– yesterday, had a talk with some of the Fort pastors during lunch. Reality started sinking in that Greenhills would open in a month’s time. Got some advices from our pastors about getting the team formed already with the volunteers.

– this oct 24, we would have our Greenhills church plant orientation meeting. Anybody interested to help out, pls email me at dennis.sy@everynation.org.ph

– had dinner with Pastor Chinkee and Nove, one of our pastors at Greenhills, had a great time talking with them. Chinkee and Nove thanks for working with us and sharing your dream for Greenhills.

– saw a good office space for us in Greenhills, please pray for favor and a good deal.

– finishing up on the book ” SIMPLE CHURCH” – great book for every clueless church planter.
– all for now……. still maing my message for this saturday youth service