Entry 20: Volunteers

– I really thank God for the leaders who have volunteered for our church plant in Greenhills.
– i never fail to get a POSITIVE response from others every time i tell them the names of my volunteers. The Greenhills church has the most awesome, passionate, missional, generous volunteers you could ever ask for.
– our leadership is composed of three pastoral staff and tons of volunteers.
– Our good friend Jerome and Therese, Jun and Kourtney, Tony and Pilar, Boni and Estela, Tony and Fenian, the Marquezes, Andy and Cherry, Des and Kaths, Ditas, Frida, Ito and many more to mention – Lord what can I ask for?
– well Lord can I ask for more volunteers of their caliber and integrity. hehe!
– volunteers would be the backbone of any church planter. There is no way I can do it alone. There is no way that Chinkee, Bojo and me run the whole church.
– we have always operated in light of what Ephesians 4:12 says, ” The 5 fold ministry’s job is to equip the saints to do the ministry.”
– another thing about volunteers is that we must make a distinction between full time church staff and volunteers. Our volunteers are some of the most hardworking busy people I have ever known. So as a pastor, I must be sensitive to their time and their involvement in the ministry.
– sometimes as pastors, we forget that they are volunteers who also have a life outside from church. We want to have volunteers who are happy in serving God – w/c means they have ample time for their family, for their friends outside church, for their career and business, their own sabbath day, for their hobbies and for vacations.
– to all our volunteers, thank you very much!

PS: the greenhills team also gave me a surprise last monday. for the pics click here. You guys are the best!