Entry 18: Overwhelmed and Challenged

– just got back from our occular visit at Greenhills with my good friends, Paolo, Dr Jun and Sheryn. We checked out the place at OB Montessori and was turned down by the manager of the place which means we don’t have a place for our kids church.
– we went to check the classrooms for our kids church and it didn’t meet our standards.
– i was pretty sad about the development – God how could this happen, how could an open door that you have given close??? Huh? huh? why? why? why? God said “check entry #3 and you get the answer.
– I am glad to be around mighty men of faith, Paolo – not giving up suggested we look at a family KTV place which was situated near MUSIC MUSEUM and much safer for the kids since they don’t have to cross the street. I almost hesitated but said, “since we are here, why not.” When we entered the room, GOD said, “check entry # 3.” It was awesome! It was GRABETASTIC! The room is very hip and far better than our original plan.
– Then we visited the next possible site TEATRINO – w/c we considered before but I was counting the cost it would take if we rent the place. BUt it is a GRABETASTIC PLACE also especially for our kids aged 7 to 12 and also our youth services.
– I was smiling after our visit because God surprised me again. I was overwhelmed! In terms of excellence, safety and accessibility – the TEATRINO, KTV ROOMS exceeded what I had in mind.
OVERWHELMED! also CHALLENGED! why? well it would cost us more. As my chinese DNA started calculating the cost to rent the place – a battle was raging. Can we do it as a church? Can we sustain this.

And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it. Matthew 16:18

It is God who will build this church so I let God take care of the budget! Praise God for being you! Lord you build it, our church will follow.

– to our Greenhills team – let’s get it on, whatever it takes!

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