Entry 12: Forming the Dream Team

sept 18, 2007

Just finished our weekly staff meeting with Pastor Joey Bonifacio, senior pastor of Victory Christian Fellowship Fort Bonifacio. Here are some lessons learned during the meeting that are essential for every church planter who is forming his team:

1. Who is the Leader of the Team?
The book of John says “Everything rises and falls from the leadership” – John Maxwell
The leader brings vision to the team, gives direction to where the church is heading and makes sure the church grows healthy. The buck stops with the Lead Pastor.

2. Who is your Executive Pastor?
The executive pastor is the man behind the action. He runs with the dream of the church and makes it happen. He is more than a pastor, he also thinks administratively. He makes sure everything runs smoothly from the worship services to the day to day operations of the church.

3. Who is your Discipleship Ministry Leader?
One of the most important aspects of church is its discipleship ministry. Discipleship is not just a program but a lifestyle. More on this in this week’s blog

4. Who is your Pastoral Services Leader?
Jesus modeled service. He visited people in their homes, He attended funerals, he did children’s dedication (good thing He didn’t accept children’s party though He will be a great magician) He had counselling sessions and He conducted seminars. For the church to grow it needs to be serious in serving its community.

to be continued……

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