Entry 10: One2one visioneering

The most used booklet in Victory is One2One. It helps you go through basic foundations of the faith and is useful in discipleship and followup. Doing One2One has been a way of life for me. Since it started I have never stopped doing the One2One booklet to new believers. The same way One2One is important in building disciples, every clueless church planter must practice One2One visioneering.

Ever since we conceptualized the start of VCF-GreenHills, I have practiced One2One visioneering with potential leaders of the GreenHills church. One2One visioneering means taking time to explain the vision of the church and the roles they would play to make the church plant successful. Some were done over the phone, some were done over lunch and dinner, some were done in the car. The goal is to have the right people hop in the GREENHILLS BUS and telling them where it is headed.

Just received a call from a young couple in church who told me that they are moving to GreenHills once we start the church. That means I have to do my One2One visioneering with them in the near future. One2One visioneering communicates to your team that they are important and as the leader I want you to know that you are a vital part of this team.

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