Entry 1: Clueless Church Planter?

Hi! This would be my first blog on church planting because I have never planted a church before. A month ago, I was asked by our church if I was ready to take part in leading a church plant. I wasn’t surprised that I was asked (but not because I thought I was ready) but because early this year my family has been praying for something new from God. So when the offer came up I gladly accepted it because I knew this was the door God was opening for us. Here was the prayer I told God:

“Lord, I have been serving you for quite a few years already. I love my job and I love the ministry. I am challenged by the demands of the ministry and I am enjoying every minute of it but LORD I know you have something new for me this year. I could feel it coming! So if ever you are giving me something new to do here are my conditions:

A. It should help increase my faith and prayer life.
B. It should challenge my leadership skills more than ever
C. It should be something I am not really good at or have no prior experience.
D. It should take me out of my comfort zone

So in less than 6 months, God answered my prayer. I am now a certified CLUELESS CHURCH PLANTER. I am excited for the ride ahead!!!! Please pray for us!

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