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Small is the New Big they would always say. It applies to churches as well. The larger the church is, the smaller it has to get. But I would like to propose a NEW BIG.


It is so easy to get a crowd. With the right tools, an excellent worship service, the proper research – you can attract crowds but Jesus was not after crowds. He was more concerned with their lives than the numbers.

Pastors usually get into the number trap. The bigger I get – the more successful I am. So we make numeric goals like by the end of 2010 we would have certain blah blah attendance. But is that how we really measure if we are effective as pastors?

After 2 years of leading Victory Greenhills – I’ve realized that the way to get big is not making numeric goals that people can rally behind. The goal ( and I know this might sound boring and unattractive but it sure is biblical) is that pastors should EMPOWER their flock to make disciples in their own expressions.

that means we produce Christians who

a. follow Jesus

b. fellowship with believers

c. fish for men in whatever expression they would want to.

to be continued……

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