Eclipse Movie Review


Just finished watching the 3rd installment of the Twilight movie entitled “ECLIPSE”. Thanks Pastor Larry for the treat.

I do have some other title suggestions:

1. How to Kiss A Vampire

2. HOT JACOB and why he thinks HE is HOT.

3. HELL GIRL ( since she falls in love with hellish creatures)

Now my review:

Definitely better than part 2. I love the action scenes and the team up of the wolves and the vamps. Still having trouble understanding Bella and her fondness with vamps and wolves. I haven’t read the novels but they say the novels are far better than the movie.

Eclipse is not a WOW movie. The hype of it makes you want to watch it. And also because I have watched part 1 and 2 I am forced to watch part 3. In short, don’t expect too much. It is not that bad but not that good.

On the pastoral side of the review:

– Edward the demon possessed vamp was convincing the lonely and horny Bella not to have sex yet. Movies today have depicted that pre-marital sex is ok and the message it communicates to its viewers is not healthy.

– Jacob the hunk wolf was full of hot air. One of my pet peeves are men who think they are God’s gift to women. Note to all hunks out there – we have the same number of muscles, ours is just hibernating. Pride and insecurity are siblings. Watch Jacob and you’ll know what I mean.

– The Cullens are the most righteous vamps I have seen. The Cullens puts Casper the friendly ghost to shame. I love the unity and the camaraderie of the Cullens. Makes me appreciate my family more knowing that they are not…………VAMPS.

– too much kissing scene. Useless scenes. too much.

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