Every leader needs to understand that VISION leaks. That the reason our organization exist can drift far from the minds of the people running that organization.

I think that is God’s word for me today: Don’t DRIFT from the vision.

The tricky thing about the DRIFT is that you don’t feel like you are drifting because you are busy doing so many urgent stuff and forget what really matters.

It happens with families. Dads who work so hard that they drift away from their family and when asked why? The answer is I love them so I work hard to provide for them.

It happens with churches who started strong – doing what matters ( for us it is making disciples). So we do whatever it takes to make it happen but sometimes or most of the time we drift slowly till we look back and see how far we have drifted away from the vision.

Drift happens when the Vision is not clear and compelling.

Drift happens when the team loses it focus.

Drift happens…….. so always review the VISION.


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