dream for the clueless church planters

– one of the things I am blessed with when we planted the church in Greenhills were the numerous advisers and successful church planters who gave their inputs to our team prior to our opening.
– I am very privilege to be part of the Victory family. I never imagined planting a church with 80 leaders helping me on the onset. Its like a church already.
– since starting my clueless church planter site, I have met with some church planters outside Victory and have exchanged notes on how we could do church planting more effectively.
– some of the pastors are going through some tough time because of the absence of a support group that I have never experienced (w/c I am really truly grateful for). Some pastors are out there on their own trying to figure out what to do next. Some are looking for mentors for guidance and some just needs to have someone to talk to to voice out their frustration on church planting.
– it is my dream to start a network that would help fellow clueless church planters. I am a believer that the “LOCAL CHURCH IS GOD’S ANSWER TO WHAT THE WORLD IS LOOKING FOR.”
– please pray for the next crop of church planters and pray that something materializes this year.

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