Don’t Say the Holy Spirit is just an option!

The Holy Spirit is necessary, essential, a must if we want to awaken the hearts of sinners and sleeping Christians. We cannot afford not to move in the Holy Spirit. The only way we can become dangerous again is to be in fellowship with the Holy Spirit and ask Him to do His work in us. We need supernatural help because our natural is limited. We will be on the safe side of life without the Holy Spirit. We cannot make a difference in this world without the Holy Spirit’s help.

1 Corinthians 2:4 and my speech and my message were not in plausible words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,

AB Simpson said,

There is no truth that needs to be more emphasized in this age of smartness and human self sufficiency than the imperative necessity of the baptism in the Holy Spirit as the condition of all effective Christian work. We must tarry before we go.

– A.B. Simpson, The Supernatural (Camp Hill, Pa.: Christian Publications, n.d.), 99

R.A. Torrey said,

In regeneration there is an impartation of life, and the one who receives it is saved; in the baptism of the Holy Spirit there is an impartation of power and the one who receives it is fitted for service.

– R.A. Torrey, The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1974), 61

One of my favorite authors, South African missionary Andrew Murray said,

I fear there is a terrible, terrible self satisfaction among many Christians – they are content with their low level of life. They think they have the Spirit because they are converted, but they know very little of the joy of the Holy Ghost, and of the sanctifying power of the Spirit… Oh friends, do not be content with that half Christian life that many of you are living, but say, “God wants it, God commands it; I must be filled with the Holy Spirit.”

– Andrew Murray, The Deeper Christian Life (Shippensburg, Pa.: Destiny Image Classics, 2007), 75

So brothers and sisters, let us not rely on our strength. Dangerous Christian living requires daily dependence not on our own strength but on the Holy Spirit. Lord fill me today as I do your work. I rely on you alone for power to minister and move in love and grace as I spread the gospel, Amen!