Don’t Just Pray for, PRAY THROUGH

I have been reading the book of Isaiah for this week and would be reminded of how big our God is and how He is in control. As we are fasting, I am just reminded that there are times I pray as if God is not that BIG. The Scripture has to continually remind me that this God of the Bible is far bigger than anything or anyone in this world – in fact, He created the world.

During the early stages of Thammie’s pregnancy, we were faced with a very big problem. Thammie had spotting in her 2nd month and was experiencing pain that according to the doctors is not the good kind of pain. Our doctor said that she might have APAS. It means that her body’s immune system is trying to fight with the baby that is being formed in her womb.

Upon hearing that, I knew we as a family were called to pray through and not just pray for the baby. We would ask our daughters to pray every night and implore God’s healing. We called our prayer partners to start praying. We would lay hands on Thammie’s womb every day and every night and declare God’s healing to come upon her.

Personally, I was battling fear and doubt. I had to pray through. I cannot give up praying. I will declare God’s healing over her. I will not allow any weapon that is formed against Thammie and our baby to prosper.

I casted out the spirit of infirmity and death. I claimed God’s promises. We declare Jehovah Rapha’s touch over Thammie. We were believing in FAITH. We were praying through.

When faced with surmountable problems or life and death situation – don’t just ask people to pray for, or don’t just pray for it. Pray through it!!!

After a few weeks, the lab results showed that Thammie had no APAS and that the baby was okay. We are continually praying through for Thammie’s pregnancy since this 3rd one is a little tougher for her but we are praying through till the 9th month.