don’t get in the numbers game

One of the temptations every church pastor/planter face is to dwell on the numbers. Don’t get me wrong, I look at the number of people attending church every week. I assess the patterns and the seasons of the church. I know that every number represents a soul and that is the same reason I don’t get into the numbers game.

If NUMBERS represent a person then it should go beyond numbers. Every person has a story. Every person has a season. Same with the church that you pastor. Every church has a story and every church has a season.

Our pastoral team started this year praying for disciples to be raised. We have experienced such an explosive growth that we realize if we don’t start making disciples and leaders – we might end up with a huge number of CROWDS and not disciples.

Jesus never called us to MAKE CROWDS – The Bible commands us to MAKE DISCIPLES. In the process of training and discipling we make our volunteer and leadership base larger for the season of harvest.

I am excited for what God has in store for the church this 2010. Our goal is to RAISE ONE Victory Group Leader for every existing Victory Group Leader. That means by the end of the year we would have 100 Victory Group Leaders.


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