Don’t forget the girl

Men – we face tremendous pressure and stress everyday. Work will never be finished but if there is one thing we need to remember all the time – it is this:


In every movie that we see the main guy does his thing, fights the villain, slays the dragon for one good reason – the girl. He has to go and get back to his girl.

Spiderman faces his villain who is holding Mary Jane. The villain is about to let go of her but at the same time he needs to save the people who are dying. He does his thing and saves the people while the villain drops Mary Jane. He does it on time but he gets back, swings his web and saves his girl.

Husbands – we sometimes feel like Spiderman. We are given a choice everyday – do our job and love our family – both takes time.

Do whatever you can to have a great job but not in the expense of having a bad marriage. A great marriage is worth more than our job. So in the course of doing our job – don’t forget the girl.

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