Donations needed


Since yesterday, we have opened up our New Manila Center as a refuge for those affected by the storm. Driving to the center this morning, it was really heartbreaking to see all the homes destroyed by the storm.

I really admire our volunteers who have helped us braving the flood to bring food to our center to feed 25 families who were displaced. We have more members who are trapped in their own homes and haven’t eaten a decent meal for a day.

We are expecting a huge demand of basic needs this coming week. In light of that, Victory Greenhills is currently opening our office in Greenhills and New Manila to accommodate donations in cash and in kind. We are in need clothes, dry foods, home appliances, baby’s milk, clean water.

Our office is located at Victory Center Promenade Mall Greenhills Shopping Center 2nd floor. Our office is open from 10am to 6pm. For inquiries please call 5841212 or 3850678.