For those of you asking: What do I give?


  1. CLOTHES – diaper, jackets, shirts, shorts, clean underwear, shoes, slippers
  2. DRY GOODS = sardines, mami, pancit canton, milo, baby’s milk, salt and cooking oil in sachets
  3. RESCUE VEHICLES- banca, lifevest, lifeboat, trucks, pickup.


  1. CLOTHING – many of our people have lost their home because of the typhoon which means they will go home to an empty house.
  2. FOOD FOR THE WEEK – canned goods are very practical, rice, clean drinking water.
  3. BEDDINGS – pillow, beds, kutson, foam, blanket, jackets.
  4. CASH – for home repairs
  5. APPLIANCES – you might have some spare fans, ref, ironing board, cabinets, and any extra thing you want to give away.

We are receiving donations the whole week at Victory Center, 2nd flr Promenade Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center. Office hour is from 10am to 8pm. Please pass.

Currently – we have at least more than 100+ families affected heavily by the flood. They need our help!!!

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