Was thinking of making this a message for a wedding but feel it is to doggy to do so. Pastor Robert Hern officiated a wedding today of my good friend Arjay and Marg. It was a wonderful wedding. Really proud of my man – Arjay! Worked with the guy for more than 8 months. lady-and-the-tramp

During the message Pastor Robert mentioned about puppy love and my wind wandered away to the land of sermon preparation and I have a skeleton message now on DOG-LOVE. I might do this message to a couple who are dog lovers.

Stages of DOG-LOVE

Stage 1: Puppy Love – it’s the cute stage. it is the small arf-arf sound that you hear when dogs want to be cuddled. It is when you see them wag their tails because they are excited to see their master or their love ones.

Stage 2: Intimacy Stage – you now get into a deeper level of commitment. You enter marriage. You put romance to the next level. Your man usually looks at you and barks AWOOOO!!!!. AWOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stage 3: DOG FIGHT- if you don’t keep the intimacy level and mix it with the puppy kind of love feel – you would usually get into DOG fights. You know experience bouts of barking from your husband or your wife. The commitment is tested. The romance dies. It becomes a DOG EAT DOG WORLD. Selfish questions like what’s in it for me? What can I get from you? What is the advantage that I get from this relationship?

We forget our wedding bow- wows ( vows) and we don’t practice the unconditional love of the Father.

Stage 4: DOG LOYALTY – after the bites and the wounds, we have learned to lick each other and stay on track. We commit to fight for this marriage. We embrace a dog’s sense of loyalty to his master – and I’m not talking about your partner but God. We are in the end accountable to God and we as married couples entered into a covenant with Him when we married our spouse. God takes marriage seriously. Divorce is not an option. We go back to the starting point of why we entered this relationship.

In sickness and in health

For richer or for poorer

For better or for worse

I choose to love you as Christ loved the church

PS: I love you Thammie!!!! AWOOOOOOO!!!!