disorganized religion

A new breed of church planters and pastors are entering the Philippines introducing a different way of church planting. The movement has no name but has some of the things that makes them interesting.

– signs and wonders, church in coffee shops, small group discipleship.

– most of them are visionaries and out of the box preachers.

– some of the groups roots could be traced back to the emergent movement that is sprouting in the US.

– they are organic, flexible and missional

at the other side of the coin they also believe that

– organized religion/church is not biblical

– they usually preach on radical grace that abuses the doctrine of grace ( more on that next week)

– they also try to fish from other churches

– they don’t believe in the office of the pastor

– they would rather have conversations than preachings.

Just one thing that bothers me about the movement is how they try to put down other ministries so they could steal the flock. No problem with me of they want to plant a church but to speak bad about certain churches and ministries is unethical and not biblical unless doctrines are in question.

Just some things for church planters to take note of:

1. Don’t fish on another boat. If you would really like to get some guys from a particular church I would advise you talk to the pastor of the church and ask permission.

2. We cannot be too organic and not create systems. Imagine if there is no pastor in a particular church – who would guard the doctrine of the church? Who would shepherd the flock? Who would be responsible? It is so easy to say that there is no need for a pastor if you have a small group but what if the church grows – who is leading it and who will be accountable?

3. A church that is disorganized would someday cease to exist. Once problems like money, disgruntled members and sensitive cases come into place where would the people go?

4. Organic is good. I am for an organic relationship with Jesus and fellow believers but an organic system to run and govern the church is impossible. I can’t have a 100% organic family. There is a need for greater accountability. At the end of the day – the one is leading is the one responsible.

A short video clip of Pastor Mark Driscoll describing the different church plants happening in the US.

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