Discipleship Wars


There are two fronts of battle a church goes through when they are intent of making disciples of Christ. Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill church Seatle calls it the “GROUND WAR” which means that small group discipleship happens in the local church which is essential to gospel transformation and that complement the “AIR WAR”, the public preaching ministry.

Discipleship happens in both venues. The pastors preached and models discipleship in the pulpit and the people are empowered to make disciples through small group ministry.

Air War and Ground war must be unified, and the Ground War must be properly unified within itself. This means for us locally in Greenhills, what we preach we practice. Our pastors regularly meets with our Victory Group leaders and get them on the same page with our doctrine, the gospel, discipleship philosophies and strategies. We never fail to mention discipleship in our preachings. We continually make disciples through Victory groups. We go through the same discipleship track as everyone.