Training Kids to be World Changers


Last time I blogged about building a leadership culture in church that could spell the difference between a growing healthy church and a church that is just meeting the needs of people.

The same principle applies when we minister to kids. One of the temptations we would face as leaders is to think that kids are just kids. They would have their time to make a difference but for now let us design our kids ministry to be more like a day care center where we teach them some good old Christian songs rather than to worship. Give them some good old stories rather than challenge them to read the Word and have the spiritual discipline to pray and seek God. We have a tendency to think that Sunday School or as we call it in Victory -“Kids Church” is just to train kids to be good. But that should not be the case. When parents drop their kids to church – we are training them to be disciples of Jesus and world changers.


We preach to the kids that they are not disciples in waiting. They are the NOW of the church. And to tell you frankly, kids have the sharpest, most sensitive spiritual ears in church. If you start them young – they will be kingdom movers and change agents in less than a year.

Today, with the leadership of our kids pastor Bojo and hundreds of our dedicated kids church and children’s church volunteer, I am no longer surprised to see young kids making disciples and being discipled. it is now common for me to walk down the halls of the church and see a 12 year old kid leading a small group. It is the culture set up and exemplified by our kids church volunteers that makes this possible.


Last week we launched another discipleship initiative as we are planning to raise 150 new Victory Group leaders by June 2016. We called it the D-DAY for Kids! We had 36 kids join their first Victory group and we have 12 Victory group leaders leading it.



Amazing supernatural things a re happening as we deliberately invest in the next generation. By the way my daughter joined her first Victory Group and she was so happy to be discipled by her Ninang Mich Ople, who was discipled by my wife. Again you will never know who you will be discipling. He or she might be your future senior pastor, campus missionary or a leader who would be discipling your kids!

Let’s go and make disciples! (Matthew 28:18-20)