Defense alone is not enough

Ever heard defense makes the team win. Well true as long as you also have an offensive strategy. The first few tools for spiritual warfare are defensive in nature but the apostle Paul gives us the last armor for battle – the SWORD of the Spirit which is the word of God.

You can’t live the Christian life without the Bible. You can’t go to war without an offensive weapon. We are called to fight. The Bible even describes God’s children as violent men who takes the kingdom of darkness by force because we know that the devil would always put up a fight.

The devil wants to win. His demons are ready for battle. Are you? When Jesus was tempted in the desert – Satan used God’s word and quoted Scripture. Good thing Jesus knew His Bible and quoted back scriptures. The Bible describes the enemey as masquerading as an angel of light. Satan did his assignment of knowing the Scripture, how much more should we as sons and daughters of God.

So take up your Bible and start reading it – you have some demons to torment today.

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